The Paul Lee Foundation raises awareness and resources for those struggling with mental or emotional health.

As human beings, we all deserve an opportunity to live a life filled with love and happiness. Paul believed this, but also knew that those who are wounded can easily hurt themselves and others. He had a heart for people and a gift for knowing when others needed support, leading to his desire to study psychology. Tragically, his life was ended by the very kind of person he would have wanted to help.

However, Paul’s love for all people calls us to consider that the shooter was a victim of mental illness, as much as Paul was the victim of a bullet. Even though roughly one in four American adults suffers from diagnosable mental disorders according to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental health is often misunderstood, underfunded, and stigmatized. We aim to redefine and deepen our knowledge of mental health, so that we can best share our love and encourage healing. We firmly believe that if more people knew more about mental health, we could do better at supporting one another, just as we remember Paul doing for us.

Join us in sharing Paul's smile today.