Public Statement

Paul's dad, Peter Lee, released a public statement and we wanted to share it with you. This is the heart of our foundation:

My name is Peter Lee. I am the father of Paul Lee.

I cannot find the enough words – the right words – to describe my sadness. When I think about the hole that Paul will leave in my life, my sorrow is immeasurable.

I still feel like I am walking through an endless tunnel. I don't see the light from the other end yet. However, I have been able to walk this far because of many people like you who have been supporting me and my family. 

Dear friends and fellow citizens of Oregon and Washington State, you have been our lifeline during the last few days, and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude.

God allowed us to have Paul for 19 years.  Looking back, we didn’t have enough time to love, laugh, and play with Paul, but Paul left us with so many cherished memories. Two of the features we best remember about Paul are his "smile" and his "dance". Paul smiled all the time because he liked sharing his positive energy with those around him. Paul's friends called his smile “infectious”; a "happy virus". Paul danced not out of pride but to give peace to himself and his friends. Through his dancing, Paul not only relieved his own stress, but connected to his friends on a deeper level.

Two years ago, we made a family trip to Cambodia in order to assist a Christian missionary that we had been supporting. During this time, we were able to watch Paul connect with the local children through his dancing. To Paul, dancing was a language of love that was not limited by any national borders or cultural barriers.

Paul disliked violence and loved all people no matter who they were, or what they had. And Paul understood that the wounded could hurt others and easily hurt themselves, which explained his desire to major in Psychology. 

The harsher reality is that Paul's life had been ended by the kind of person Paul would have wanted to help. The news shocked us and at first, we were overwhelmed by fear and anger. As time went on though, we began to understand what Paul's life and death meant to us and to society as well. 

Based on Paul's faith in God and love for others, our family has made a decision on behalf of our son Paul Lee. We want to help those who suffer from mental illnesses in our society. 

Many Seattle Pacific University students and faculty members have already graciously donated funds for our family, along with many others from Oregon. This generous emotional, social, and financial support are more than what our family needs, so we want to share all these resources with others who are in need.

We have made plans to launch a nonprofit organization called The Paul Lee Foundation, through which we can continue to support what Paul has tried to do. In doing so, Paul will continue to live with us and work with us. Paul's sacrifice opened a door which we will now enter, inspired to make a lifetime commitment.

With that, we ask that you continue to support us. Please watch over us and be a living witness to how Paul's caring heart is passed on to the people that need to be cared for. It started with Paul, but "The Paul Lee Foundation" now belongs to you all.

Let Paul's caring heart continue to heal the wounded souls in this society. Again, as the family of Paul Lee, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to you all.

May God bless you and your family.